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Years of experience
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Tons of kg per year
Preserving the garlic tradition since 1988

El Pajizo, was founded in 1988 in Montalbán de Córdoba, an area with an important tradition in garlic production and trade, an activity which our business has dedicated itself to ever since.

We mostly produce different varieties such as white spring garlic and violet spring garlic, in addition to the trade of purple garlic and ecological garlic.

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Our garlic comes from the most important production areas in Spain: Córdoba (Santaella, Fuente Palmera and Almodóvar), Écija, Balazote and Valladolid.

Our facilities for packaging, handling and preservation are located in Montalbán (Córdoba). These allow us to offer product in bulk or packaged, with a quality that far exceeds the average standards of the sector. We use refrigerating chambers to guarantee the supply of garlic to our customers throughout the entire year.

Variedad en tipos de ajo - ajos el pajizo
Work Philosophy: Mission and Values


El Pajizo is a family business committed to the care and treatment of the land. Therefore, we obtain excellent and sustainable production that allows us to position ourselves as a point of reference in the agricultural sector. Our work methodology is based on using the latest technology in the sector. One of our greatest bets is the use of renewable energy as our main supply source, which makes El Pajizo a company committed to the environment.


  • Commitment.
  • Teamwork.
  • Quality.
  • Customer service.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Innovation.
  • Experience.
Ajos el Pajizo - Nosotros
Ajos el Pajizo - Nosotros
Ajos el Pajizo
Ajos el Pajizo - Nosotros