Labour Integration

El Pajizo counts on the integration of women in the workplace. 60% of our staff is women. Our staff is distributed in the following activities: field, handling, storage, administration and logistics.

Ajos el Pajizo - Nosotros
Ajos el Pajizo - Nosotros
Ajos el Pajizo
Ajos el Pajizo - Nosotros
Environmental Commitment

El Pajizo has recently completed an investment in installing photovoltaic plants for self-consumption. This allows us to become a more efficient, sustainable and respectful business in terms of the environment.

As part of our commitment to excellence and our customers, we have held, since 2010, the Global GAP certificate, in addition to other highly relevant certificates for the import and handling of ecological products. We have also obtained the IFS certificate, which confirms the quality and care that we gave to our product.

Certificates and quality seals